Social Responsibility

We are striving every day to become the no. 1 store in the local community holding “Customer First” as our policy. We will work to contribute to creating richer society and give back to the local community utilizing XEBIO’s assets such as human resources, knowledge and business know-how.

Accepting Interns for Work Experience

We are accepting work place experience programs in our stores across the country mainly targeting elementary school, junior high school and high school students. More than 1,200 students from more than 200 schools have experienced our work places in one year. In the internship, students learn “What is retailing?” or “Mind frame for serving customer” through store operation. Starting with greetings training in morning meeting, students will do various assignments with us such as organizing products or cleaning to make customers comfortably enjoy shopping in our stores. In addition, they will experience and support sequence of work from arrival of goods to being purchased at cashier. It will be good opportunities for them to learn the importance of work and to realize the operations and people it takes to manage a retail store. Also, for the student who are expecting to get a job, we believe we can give them a good opportunity to experience basic manners, communication and professionalism as a member of society through store operation. We will continue to accept interns in a proactive way towards the future.

Business experience “Student City” (Shinagawa, Tokyo)

“Student City” is a public facility run by Shinagawa School Committee and a place for internship targeting 5th and a 6th grade students. Companies which actually exist including our Group companies have opened mock stores which sell products and have business transactions. We will strive to give back assets such as human resources, knowledge and know-how to local society with a goal of making children grow by feeling a sense of accomplishment through work, learning enjoyment of retailing and realizing the structure of management and economy through work.

  • ・Annual participation approximately 3,400 students from Shinagawa elementary schools (grade 5).
  • ・Main contents
    • 1.Contents of working
      • Foot scans, providing the “Challenge Sports” customer service
    • 2.Children’s roles
      • Store manager duties, Sports Navigator, promotions (inviting customers, in-store promotional tools), accounting duties (managing sales and salary), information processing (PC input, invoice processing), etc.
  • Actual Sports Navigators from the store support the children and communicate the importance of “thinking by themselves and taking action”.

Industry-Academic Collaboration

“Fukushima University Business Academy”

Since 2005, XEBIO has partnered with graduate school of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Fukushima University and offered public lecture “Fukushima University Business Academy” by academic-industrial alliance. This lecture is given on the purpose of building new business models or developing business persons with wide perspective, through academic-industrial alliance with Fukushima University. Contents of lecture are aimed for acquisition of practical business knowledge and skills, and latest managerial theory are explained in a plain way based on actual business cases including XEBIO mainly by teaching staff of Fukushima University. By widely opening lectures to local communities, as well as we providing “place for learning”, we would like to make contributions to vitalizing regional economy.

“Collaborating with Tsukuba University”

Taking advantage of our Group assets, we are engaging in activities such as accepting interns at XEBIO related facilities and events. XEBIO Navigators are also offering lectures at the university on the subject of sport business and so forth.

“Collaborating with Nippon Engineering College”

Collaborating with Nippon Engineering College which has a Sports College, XEBIO Navigators are offering more practical and professional lectures in conjunction with educational contents of the college. Also, we are accepting students as interns in our stores and events.

Earthquake Recovery Support

“We can do this together, Tohoku” activities

Wishing for quick recovery of the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake to regain smiles, we at the XEBIO Group are engaging in Reconstruction Support Efforts with the theme of “Support to enrich mental and physical well-being through sports”. Since the earthquake in March 2011, we have been engaging in Reconstruction Support Efforts about 60 times up until now (as of July 31, 2012), supporting more than 10,000 people. “Sports Navigators”, staff of our store network and local stores, visit there to engage in this effort. We wish to continue to offer as much support as possible as a group.


Fund Raising Activities

Fund Raising Activities in front of Cashier

We are engaging in fund-raising activities in front of cashier in more than 400 stores of XEBIO Group Business Category across the country. Collected contribution will be donated to General Incorporated Foundation “United Sports Foundation” which is contributing to society through sports.